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"We can know more than we can tell"


It isn't the recognizable feelings that make so much difference. It is sensing the edge, the unclear, what you don't recognize, but it is there... it has its own peculiar quality, implicity, it is complex, it has in it everything that relates to that problem, but not in a way you can say.

- Eugene Gendlin


The story’s all there, but we know
that the story, the real story
is inarticulate.

The spaces in between.

You can hold what can’t be said.
The mystery of being alive;
a basket of words that feels inevitable.
A counter spell.

This is what we all need to walk around with.

-taken from an interview with Marie Howe

It is ... the reinstatement of the vague and inarticulate to its proper place in our mental life which I am so anxious to press on the attention-

William James, Principals of Psychology

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