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Surgery will be early tuesday morning at Anschutz Medical Campus. George and the girls will be with me. I chose this photo for this message because it is bright and colorful, in stark contrast to my mood today. Sometimes, I need to reach for what I cant feel just yet inside. Thank you to all of you who keep reaching out, and to all of you who are quietly holding space and praying. I feel especially vulnerable and cranky these days. The awareness of an uncertain outcome is hard to let in. So I reach out and let the angry/scared/sad out ... and then waves of peace come following. All of this matters. Prayers are welcome at any time, as well as smiles toward me and my family for courage to put the next foot forward without clobbering someone innocent. Have you noticed how good it feels to smile even when you're not wanting to? I dont mean those fake smiles we put on for show, but allowing a real full-faced smile to take over your face. The body seems to like it. . I love each of you.

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