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Post Surgery

Updated: May 5, 2019

Thankyou to all of you who have been patiently waiting for news. I am now home after what the surgeon felt was a very successful surgery. Family (George, Hannah and Lara) and friends were amazing, surrounding and holding the space so beautifully while I faded in and out, struggling to avoid opiods. The surgeon was able to get all visible signs of cancer, removing both ovaries, uterus, omentum, a colon resection and a few touch ups along the way. When I write that, I feel it, and realize again, that this will be slow and steady. A bit has been rearranged in my body. Last night I slept on my side for the second time (happiness). And today is the first day I would say I spent more hours awake than asleep (slightly). George and I took a longer walk outside than yesterday, and we are making it a little longer each day... We passed a rosebush that struck us both as bold and beautiful and deserving of pause... so red this late in the season.

My post surgical followup visit is next Thursday, and I wait for results of genetic testing in the meantime, which could make a big difference in next steps.

More to come. Back to sleep.

Love to each of you.

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1 commentaire

Ali dear, I loved hearing about the little steps forward... a bit more sleep, slightly longer walks... Many days have transpired since you wrote, so I hope the post-op news you are receiving will clarify your path. On Thursday I'm leaving for Honduras to see my girls, and wanted you to know that even from very far away, I will be thinking of you. With much love, and a great big abrazo, Laila

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