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I have a deep, thoughtful love for you, I'm thinking of you just about every time my thoughts are not turned toward work, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of how foreign this land must feel, how strange and unwelcomed...I wish I could hold your hand. I haven't forgotten every wonderful thing about you, I hope I see you again soon, I'm praying constantly.

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Michele McMahon
Michele McMahon
Nov 07, 2018

Thank you Alice.


Each morning in the quiet of my room I hold you dear and place a pebble upon my alter to Buddha, Ganesha, Huichiel Shamans, Christianity, and the harmonics of the universe. It has also been a time of reflection for me, and so I have been silently with you each and every day. I find myself in gratitude for your sharing thoughts and words. You are loved. Namaste, Alice

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