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Morning musings

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

I am reading John O’Donoghue‘s book eternal echoes.

“... there is a resonant heart in the depths of silence“

he says this in reference to discovering his echo for the first time as a young child against the lime stone rocks.

Today, Im sitting on the deck of our apartment in Glenwood Springs, looking out at a sunflower that towers as high as the roof of the house. I just added more dirt to my sack of growing potatoes. I feel quite hopeful about the potatoes, mostly because something is happening underground that will be a surprise to me, and I like surprises (mostly). Over my right shoulder are red peppers growing slowly from green to yellow to orange. They are like jewels to me. A few strawberries are almost ready to pick on the strawberry plant in front of me. There’s a squirrel that also has her eyes on them. We are friendly, the squirrel and i. She is clever and steals my tomatoes, eating all of them but leaving the skin on the railing for me to brush off after the sun dries them. I’ve decided to give up on harvesting cilantro because it keeps wanting to bolt. Now I’m watching coriander seeds form under the flowers, the delicate white flowers.

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