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It was always there

Two weeks ago, this was a stick, a dry branch; brittle, seemingly empty of life after a winter that stripped its essence from view, sent its life into a retreat from the harshest elements, sent its life to an interior place so hidden that it seemed dead.

A week ago, it was the tiniest dot of green. I was amazed then, but it was too small to be photographed.

Yesterday, during my walk, I took this photo.

Needless to say, I feel my life has been hidden and my true essence scarcely findable this winter.

I still feel that at times, more often than I like to admit. I have finished my last chemo, am feeling the effects of that, with low hemoglobin, and doctors' advice to lay low because of risk of infection.

I am preparing for surgery in early to mid May. I get scans on the 2nd and a surgery date will be set to try to get me eating again (BLT anyone?). It has been dry and dark. I have been and am being shaken.

Seeing signs of life again, especially hidden, forgotten life, has filled me with celebration. I realize it's not just a metaphor. This is what life does, over and over again. This is love's persistence.

Can you believe it is like this? That this comes out of that? It really is odd and impossible!

I am amazed and surprised and so glad. Life rises again from retreated, seemingly emptied, spent, finished places. It is hidden there all along, even when I cant find it.

It has been hidden there all along, and still is, and will be ....waiting.

May you feel the deep blessings of Resurrection this Easter!

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