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Craving Pizza

A series of events this month, including surgery for a bowel blockage and another hospital stay a week later, revealing that my body is creating too much scar tissue, which is wrapping itself around my bowels, has meant that, for the time being, I am being nourished by a feeding tube and cannot nourish my body by mouth. For pleasure, I may take up to 24 ounces of liquids in by mouth each day, but only what I can easily sip through a straw.

Further surgery and decisions about this dilemma will wait until I complete chemo in 6 ish weeks.

Good news is, while in surgery, they saw no sign of new cancer growth.

Bad news is, I’m craving pizza, burgers, Thai food, ice cream sandwiches, chips, crackers and any kind of crunchy, chewy, salty delight that defies the use of a straw. Got creative today and added coconut milk, a little salt and some curry powder to my chicken broth, and actually enjoyed sipping on this, followed by an ice pop.

My deepest existential questions of the day all involve food and the meaning of life. Is a life without crunch and chew a life worth living? The verdict is still out.

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